Who Goes There?

The celebrated novella that inspired John Carpenter’s landmark film THE THING is now a tabletop game! First published in 1938, Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, Jr. is widely regarded as one of the finest science fiction stories ever written. Now play as one of the original characters in this official tabletop adaptation—a suspenseful game of co-op, strategy and growing paranoia.

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Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove

Endangered Orphans is a hybrid card game/board game for 1-4 players that really should be ignored at all costs, even though it’s been painstakingly—even painfully—play tested by groups ranging in age from far-too-old-to-care to far-too-young-to-understand.

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There is nothing more important than regaining one’s lost soul, and everyone in this dark world has the constant reminder of the reasons they no longer have one. Stuffed is a simple dice game…to save your soul.

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