Endangered Orphans game cards

Welcome to Condyle Cove...

Here in Kiddie Corner, the beds are always empty, the hearth is never lit and the cupboard is never touched. The Boogeyman, the fear of every young orphan, prowls the cove in search of you. With only a small hand of options left, you can’t afford to hide anymore— you have to escape.

Endangered Orphans game cards

Which poor orphan will you condemn to death?

In this unending game of hide-and-seek, you must never run low on options. If you’re low on options, you need to take great acts of desperation to stay alive… but some acts are too desperate.

Endangered Orphans game cards

Actually, you really shouldn’t play this game... seriously.

Every Orphan in the Condyle Cove wants to escape, but only one will be successful. The measures you will have to take in order to survive may be morally wrong, but then, if it’s you or them, isn’t feeding them to the Boogeyman the lesser of two evils?

"Endangered Orphans is a horrible game in an absolutely terrific way."

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