Endangered Orphans game cards

Gather your team. Complete your Mission. Save your soul. It all Hangs by a thread.

There is nothing more important than regaining one's lost soul, and everyone in this dark world has the constant reminder of the reasons they no longer have one.

Stuffed Card Game

Remove the Mercy from Mercenary.

You will have to learn to trust the ones around you. Some will be willing to help you because this will lead to helping themselves, while others will only help the highest bidder. It is a cold cruel world when you find yourself Stuffed.

Stuffed Dice Game Art

This Box Contains:

Stuffed Game Stats
  • 4 Hero Cards
  • 8 Mercenary Cards
  • 8 Loyal Cards
  • 5 Specialist Cards
  • 1 Specialist Die
  • 8 Attribute Dice
  • 7 Mission Cards
  • 10 Birden Cards
  • 40 Advantage Cards
  • 28 Plastic Coins
  • 1 Rulebook

"Any game that you can learn and play in 30 minutes is a treat. They took a game of pure chance and added several layers of fun strategy."

Ryan F.