Endangered Orphans game cards

Hell's Frozen Over

Grab what buildables you can and make a weapon. If staving off hunger pains and avoiding an avalanche wasn’t enough, you’ve got a dog attack on our hands, and that boiler is about ready to blow. Your friends need Canned Food for the next round, and you dare not sleep alone on the bunk round coming up. The only way out of this ice-hole is on that helicopter you don’t know how to fly, conveniently enough.

Endangered Orphans game cards

Step Out Into the Cold

You have two ways out: in a body bag or on the helicopter. If you want to fly that helicopter though, you’ll need to go outside the camp to find maps, fuel and other bonuses, but the Thing is out there too. If you’re not careful, the Thing will leave you vulnerable, if not infected.

Endangered Orphans game cards

Take Control

The more vulnerable your friends become, the less you can trust them. You can’t afford to let the Thing get on the helicopter with you, or it’ll infect the whole world. I mean, unless you yourself become the Thing, then by all means, hop on and doom the human race.

"Buying this game is not logical, I know it isn't, but The Thing isn't Earth-logical, anyway."