Advanced D6 Starter Pack

Certifiable Studios


For all you D6 enthusiasts who gave themselves a hernia picking up that beast of a game and still weren’t satisfied, we heard you. “More!" you said. "Give…me…MORE!” So we are. We’re giving you stuff you need, stuff you want, and stuff you’re going to have to buy more stuff for just to find a place to store it (or stick it).

The Advanced D6 Class Starter Pack comes with:

  • 7 Glory cards
  • 7 Heroic Quest cards
  • 7 Advantage cards 4 New Wooden Monster tokens
  • 7 Class-Colored Gelatinous Cubes Minis
  • 7 Travel Stickers
  • D6 Hero Dice Pad*
  • “That’s How I Roll” Dice Pad*
  • Howie and Marie “Card Lift” Set Bonus!
  • 19 Rule Correction Stickers!

*Box combines with pad to form dice tray.